Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Fleece Fun!

 These busy Clover Gals are making pumpkin pillows! Last year we made candy corn pillows and snowman pillows. This new design will be a pumpkin to celebrate fall's arrival!

This craft takes 2/3 yard of orange fleece, small square of brown fleece, and green fleece for the vines.

The pieces were pre-cut by the Clover Leader, and the girls then had to cut the strips for tying it all together.

Once all the strips are cut, they will attach the pieces by tying square knots -- right over left, then left over right! By the time they are done, they will definitely know how to tie a square knot.
This design is a bit more difficult than some of the others we have made. It helps to tie the outside edges together first and to use lots of pins to hold it together until tied. We also used sticky dots to mark the beginning and ending of each side. That helped until they started using them to decorate their faces!

Stay tuned to next week when they will hopefully complete them!

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