Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rag Quilts!!!

Our club has spent the last three months working on a simple throw size rag quilts. I purchased 3 yards of Print A, 3 yards of white flannel for the lining, and 3 yards of Print B for each of the eleven girls in our club. JoAnn fabrics had a fabulous sale the day after Thanksgiving and the total cost for 9 yards of flannel was $12.48. Spending five hours standing in line was worth it. I put different combinations together and had a drawing to see who got to choose their favorite combinations of fabric first. I purchased three more combinations so the last one would still have some choices and not get stuck with the last one. I had a lot of help from the customers in the store that day helping me choose combinations.

It was a long process cutting all that fabric into 9" squares. On some of the pieces we were shorted by the store and had to fudge a bit on the squares. Some are not quite 9", but by the time the quilts are washed you won't be able to tell. We did not prewash the fabric or we would have lost more of it.

Even though our 4-H club is called Crazy Quilt, this is the first quilt project we have ever made in all our 19 years!